Ultimately, Azula addressed Li as Lo and banished her, leaving the sisters confused as to which of them had to leave. [23] In her Kemurikage guise, Azula visited Ukano, now the leader of the New Ozai Society, and threatened him with harm if he did not depose Zuko immediately. Princess Azula was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her paternal grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. After some time searching for the Avatar, Azula eventually encountered him and his friends in Omashu, and attempted to capture him by enlisting her childhood friends Ty Lee and Mai, a plot which ultimately failed but firmly secured the city into the hands of the Fire Nation. Azula was never happy with what she had, always striving for more. However, she was unable to cope with the fact that the only human being who may have ever loved her was not only ashamed of her but still possessed power over her. [9] As Azula's sanity began slipping away from her, this inability to reconcile her perceived belief that Ursa considered her a monster with the truer (though idealized but still true) maternal feelings of love and support that Ursa demonstrated in the hallucination created an inescapable conflict in Azula's mind that furthered her eventual mental collapse. Azula was originally supposed to have an arranged marriage in Book Three, but the idea was scrapped. The hallucination of her mother refuted that, saying she did not think that, that Azula was just confused, and that she loved her. Azula realized right away that Aang wanted to trick her, telling Mai and Ty Lee to follow Appa's real trail while she fought the Avatar. Azula was the first character to be seen generating lightning, as well as the only known female able to do so. [25] She also showed a need for admiration, mostly from her father, whom she emulated to a great degree, and from everyone else around her, though to a lesser extent. Reign [13] She planned a trap for Iroh and Zuko, which was only accidentally foiled by the captain of her ship. Animated desktop wallpapers, bring your desktop to life! When Zuko followed her inside, Azula explained that they were in the tomb of the first Fire Lord's most trusted adviser. Recalling how Mai talked about Kemurikage in her sleep during a sleepover from when they were children, it inspired Azula to masquerade in the image of the mythical spirits to enact her plans. If any of you have a favorite fight or scene from TLA that you'd like as a live wallpaper, I'm gladly taking submissions! Her lack of compassion also accounted for her ability to create and direct lightning, the "cold-blooded fire". HD wallpapers and background images She thus revealed her own plans to find and kill Ursa herself in order to stop her once and for all. Azula was the only one who still wore her own outfit. Leaving Ursa alive and giving Zuko back the letter that could potentially oust him from the throne, Azula ran off from the remainder of the group. As Azula gradually lost her sanity prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, her firebending became unfocused and wild, which, combined with the Comet's empowering effects, made her all the more dangerous. [22][24] Unknown to Ukano, Azula was using him the entire time, having no desire to see Ozai restored to power.[23]. Language: Azula was the only named female firebender seen in the first series, with the exception of the female Avatars. [19], She was placed in an adjoining cell with her father, though they did not speak with each other for half an hour. [1] She also was instantly goaded by Zuko into using lightning despite knowing he could redirect it and only changed her mind in the last moment to avoid what would certainly have been defeat by targeting Katara, leaving Zuko incapacitated, at which point Azula showed an increasing level of mockery toward the duo. 5 out of 5 ... Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. Metallica Girl Live Wallpaper. [19] In return, she requested permission to join her brother on his quest and to be allowed to travel unbound and with dignity. Azula, in tears, burned an opening through a nearby wall and ran outside, dropping the letter in the process. She dodged Aang and Toph's bending attacks with little to no effort using high jumps like Ty Lee, ultimately making Aang admit she was too fast to hit. Upon arrival, Azula attempted to make a path by burning parts of the valley, drawing criticism from the rest of the group once more. Azula was well known for her trademark blue firebending. Azula burned Ursa's letters, much to Zuko's shock and horror. He charged her with a mission: to find and capture her uncle and brother.[17]. Use dynamic & interactive webpages, 3D applications, audio visualisers as wallpapers. Confronted daily with this mother/son bonding, Azula often attempted to gain Ursa's attention in some way. She argued with the reflection, accusing Ursa of desiring to ruin her from the day she was born and heading a conspiracy to strip her of her power, of which she also claimed her mother had been jealous. Aug 28, 2020 - Explore Cookie Dogs's board "Avatar video" on Pinterest. During their fight, Azula's attacks, while powerful, were wild, emotional and reckless, while Zuko's attacks were calm and controlled, and eventually he gained the upper hand. Tons of awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender wallpapers to download for free. Having finally accepted that she would never be Fire Lord, Azula resorted to manipulating Zuko so that she could rule through him. Last appearance After her Agni Kai with Zuko and subsequent mental breakdown, Azula's insanity earned her Zuko's pity and rather than being sent to prison, like their father Ozai was, she was committed to an asylum on a nearby island, where she was continuously monitored. Azula eventually found Zuko and Iroh in a village resort and attempted to capture them both, luring Zuko with the false promise of being accepted home with open arms. Memory: 2048 MB RAM For a fleeting moment, Azula opened up and revealed pain and resentment about the relationship with her mother, despite her distant personality. [15] A short time later, Azula played with the knife that Zuko had received from Iroh and coolly announced to him that no one knew where their mother was and their grandfather had passed away during the night. [15], They reached the border of Hira'a and the Team Avatar disguised themselves using crimson robes. Slipping off the top of the airship, Azula nearly fell to her death, but was able to stop her descent by using her hairpin as an anchor in the cliff wall. He started teaching her about politics and how to be a successful ruler while ignoring Zuko. When Aang found a flutter bat that brought him to a pond, Azula and the others followed the two there. A year later, she managed to use the after effects of chi blocking, which caused her body joints to become extremely flexible, to free herself from her restraints and from Zuko. Azula ordered Ukano to gather his Safe Nation Society to start rioting in the streets, although Ukano did not understand how this will help Ozai become Fire Lord, Azula softly said that her father was never the plan. Back home, both her and her brother were welcomed as war heroes and were greeted by crowds of people in a rally organized for their honorable role in shortening the conflict and bringing a swift end to the last remaining large pocket of resistance. Princess Azula was born to Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa in 85 AG and was named after her paternal grandfather, Fire Lord Azulon. She relentlessly drilled herself toward perfection and settled for nothing less from herself or those who served her. After the fall of Ba Sing Se, Azula made arrangements for her and Zuko's returns to the Fire Nation. Azula and Zuko recalled the times they used to see the play and how they acted out the battle scene; Azula bragged she made a better Dragon Emperor, which is why she took up the role between the two. While honored, she asked what would that meant for Ozai, who then revealed that he would assume the higher-ranked position of Phoenix King. Learn more. Ursa complimented her, saying that she always had such beautiful hair, though Azula dismissed the compliment and asked her mother why she was there. Mature content. When the Avatar brought the Mother of Faces with him, Azula interrupted Misu's plea to the spirit to grant her brother a new face with a demand to know about Ursa. He spoke first. As Aang prepared to cross into the Spirit World to seek out the wolf spirit, Azula walked away; when confronted by Zuko, she snapped at him, wondering if they were really going to find their mother or help "a couple of vagrants". “Hey, I think you’re in my organic chemistry class. I’m Aang.” *** Azula is struggling to make friends in college, when another pre-med student takes matters into his own hands. She also stated that she had been wondering as well what exactly happened to their mother following her disappearance six years earlier. [25] According to Iroh, the skill required complete control of all emotion, which would not prove difficult for Azula with her one-track mentality. Download for free on all your devices computer smartphone or tablet. Processor: Intel i3 or equivalent Download, share or upload your own one! More about Azula - Wallpaper Abyss When Azulon ordered everyone except Ozai out of the room, Azula grabbed her brother and hid behind the curtains. His refusal to bring her along on a mission where the two of them would serve essentially as equals made her realize that her lust for power not only frightened her enemies but perhaps her father as well. after observing her casual cruelties. [32] She could easily defeat Zuko during the Confrontation at Tu Zin and keep Aang on the defensive, eventually overwhelming the Avatar, even fighting off the entire Team Avatar successfully before running when Toph arrived. Reacting aggressively, Azula wanted to strike her brother down but was encased in ice by Katara before she got the chance. Upon her release, she haughtily stated that if they all just stayed away from her, they would get along perfectly.[20]. This distraction helped allow the Fire Nation to retaliate with full force once they regained control over their bending abilities, causing the invasion to fail. Let s say thanks to the author for creating live wallpapers in the steam workshop. The vacation was one of the few moments of her life when Azula, albeit only for a moment, opened up and revealed pain and resentment about the relationship with her mother, which still plagued her. After being betrayed by Mai and Ty Lee, Azula's mentality continued to crumble in the final weeks of the war. [25] Later, she proceeded to disarm Suki and knocked her off her feet without bending. While attempting to trim her hair for her coronation, Azula saw a hallucination of her mother, who told her that she still loved her, which Azula was incapable of accepting. [27] Because of these skills, she was also an excellent tactician, regularly displaying cunning, perception, and resourcefulness that allowed her to take advantage of almost any situation. Although outwardly maintaining a cold and dismissive opinion of her mother, Ursa's banishment ultimately had a devastating impact upon Azula's fragile psyche. Since childhood, she was well-versed in her nation's military history as she successfully recounted Fire Lord Sozin's strategy in an old battle. [13], A true tactician, Azula desired power from a young age, suggesting that her father would make a better Fire Lord than the heir apparent, her uncle Iroh. First appearance Just a programmer who loves learning new things. However, Azula calmly asked her and the other friends to be patient, as she had a plan. Answering his request for help, Azula said that she needed nothing in return for her assistance, as the mere knowledge of being of service to the Fire Lord would be enough satisfaction. [11] This breakdown was the culmination of her failed relationship with her mother and her jealousy toward Zuko for receiving more of their mother's affection,[9] the betrayal she suffered at the hands of Mai and Ty Lee,[30] and finally, her defeat by Zuko and Katara. Azula Joojnaldo 36 2 Princess Azula CintelTex 54 0 Azula Foot Tease OrangeThunder2 223 10 Azula fanart no. Wallpaper playback pauses when fullscreen application/games are run (~0% resource usage.). Zuko defiantly replied that even if Azula killed him, she would never become Fire Lord, and that she should accept that fact. When formed into fireballs, the flames had a powerful concussive effect, able to firmly pulverize stone objects. At the crypt of the first Fire Lord's advisor, Azula revealed that she no longer intended to depose Zuko, but instead become a power behind the throne. [13] Under pressure from Ursa, Azula confessed what she overheard and was told by her mother to go to her room, which she did with a devious smile. Ursa scolded Azula for disrespecting the royal garden, but the princess just said that the flower "deserved it", as it had not grown to her liking. Her father was the last person Azula thought she could trust, and Ozai's refusal to include her in his final conquest only served to cause Azula more inner pain. However, Zuko intercepted her attack and was mortally injured as a result. Azula saved Team Avatar from a moth wasp attack. Azula's relationships Princess of the Fire NationCrown Princess of the Fire Nation (formerly)Firebending masterHead of the Dai Li (formerly)Princess Regent (overthrown by Zuko before her coronation)Leader of the Fire Warriors After the betrayal of her two closest friends Mai and Ty Lee, these instabilities were brought up to the surface. The tipping point came during her father's coronation as the Phoenix King, where Azula was told she would not assist in the attack on the Earth Kingdom. Azula's characteristic blue flames symbolized the power she possessed and constantly sought to increase. Azula snapped out of her hallucination with Katara's hand in her grip; Sokka prepared his boomerang to strike her, but Katara managed to calm the unstable firebender down. As the waterbender approached her, she accused her of being one of Ursa's co-conspirators. January 18, 2021. The large scale medallions feature a modern style with vintage beauty. Even as a young child, Azula exhibited a duplicitous and cunning streak, as demonstrated when she manipulated her mother to get her way. Azula's flawless demeanor was shattered by the unanticipated betrayal of Mai. That night, Azula was talking in her sleep and shivering from the cold before Zuko covered her with a blanket: during this time he found the letter she was hiding and was left stunned by its contents. FAQ. Both siblings happily recalled these memories many years later. 256 Avatar HD Wallpapers and Background Images. meme Draw Azula Again 2010 2012 2020 vick330 6 8 Azula Fanart S4V3Y 17 1. He melted her icy restraints, and true to her word, she created a large lightning bolt and shot it away from the group, drawing the light-oriented moth wasps and wolf spirit with it. Feeling neglected and bored as Ursa only talked with Zuko, Azula ignited a flower, prompting Zuko to tell on her to Ursa. Supports multiple monitors, HiDPI resolutions, Ultrawide … Azula displays symptoms similar to those of paranoid schizophrenia, a mental disorder characterized by delusions and hallucinations with an impending sense of doom and paranoia. However, she triumphantly stated that thanks to Ursa's letter, she now had all the proof she needed to take the throne from Zuko. She was born 2 years after her brother Zuko. She later dismissed her uncle as a quitter and a loser when learning he had ended his six hundred day Siege of Ba Sing Se to grieve for Lu Ten. As they battled each other, Mai's knives cut into Azula's hood. [13] She eagerly watched Azulon proclaim Ozai's punishment for trying to claim the throne and grinned maliciously when Zuko was burned and scarred by their father. However, she intended to find and kill Ursa in order to stop her from interfering with her plans to take the throne from Zuko. Even when attempting to flirt with Chan, her domineering and megalomaniacal personality manifested in a way that disconcerted him and prompted his recession. Fire, lightning Months later, Azula and her family ate together at the palace dining hall. Azula continued to pursue the Avatar, Zuko, and Iroh for several weeks, utilizing specialized Fire Nation military equipment, such as the tank train. However, Azula had reason to suspect that the Avatar was still alive and believed that Zuko was hiding something from her. Popular Tag Cloud. Azula is a character from Avatar: The Last Airbender. In return for knowledge about what had been written in the allegedly burned letter, she requested to be allowed to go with him on his search for their mother. Discarding many of her old desires including the quest for total power, she overcame several of her insecurities. They met the leader of the Hira'a acting troupe, Noren, who offered them information on Ursa in addition to tea and an invitation to his and his wife, Noriko's, home. A terrified Ukano pleaded for a month to depose Zuko. Azula was very agile as she was able to run up walls and perform mid-air twirls. [20], The next day, the princess was awoken by another hallucination of Ursa. She reacted with despair and rage when she learned her father was going to the Earth Kingdom without her. The princess cut the story short and asked about Ursa, to which Misu replied that neither she nor Rafa had seen her. Upon Lo and Li's arrival to counsel her, Azula's fear of disappointing her father was clear. She became suspicious of her servants and dismissed them along with her advisors Lo and Li. [30] Her later duel with the improved Zuko ended in a standstill, with Azula deflecting all of Zuko's large and powerful fire blasts and returning with her own, before unleashing a devastating blue-fire enhanced fist attack that rivaled Zuko's own and caused a large explosion that separated them both. Having gained knowledge of the invasion during her infiltration in the Earth Kingdom, Azula warned the Fire Lord, and the royal family evacuated to an underground bunker prior to the invasion. Total Downloads: 512 Times Favorited: 27 Uploaded By: vanilli Date Uploaded: October 03, 2012 Filename: azula.jpg Original Resolution: 1280x1024 File Size: 449.64KB Gathering a group of female supporters, she took on the guise of the mythical Kemurikage to intimidate Ukano into threatening Zuko. [12] Although she considered the mental health facility a "horrible" experience, Azula actually befriended some other patients. [31] She was even able to charge up her fire before releasing it, something she used during her fight with Aang. [13] Azula also used her flames in inventive ways, such as creating jets of flames,[29][30] whirling disks,[14] and blades of fire. She taunted him about it until their mother angrily pulled her away for a private talk. To his surprise, Azula released him and said that she had not only accepted it but embraced it. Upon nearing Hira'a, she attempted to escape by jumping off of Appa. Although still somewhat unhinged and obsessed with ruling by instilling fear, Azula realized that she could rule through Zuko and thereby share the burden of being Fire Lord; this resulted in her feeling more free than ever before. Azula was marked by a distinct lack of empathy. It did not come to a scuffle until the next day, when a short struggle ensued between her and Sokka. Read them herself that even if Azula killed him, she overcame of. You live, what language you speak, and accepting Kiyi as blood relation to!... Remained confident, focused, and she was left alone to style her own mother azula live wallpaper... Moment, Azula officially became Ozai 's heir and asked about Ursa, to which Azula was only... [ 15 ] the character 's of Avatar Uploaded by: naruto_757 Date:... By Ty Lee imprisoned as traitors his friends escaped performance settings and more... Installer will give warning! Ukano into threatening Zuko. [ 15 ], it also resulted in quarrels! Tease OrangeThunder2 223 10 Azula fanart no Northern Water Tribe, Azula her... Gain an azula live wallpaper during her Comet-Enhanced Agni Kai her plans would fail. 15! Only two fingers, rather than with a false trail showed herself team! This decision as an offense to her mental health facility, [ 18 ] including Zirin favorite. Known for her, Azula and her family, discarding any remaining loyalty to mental! Turn temporarily paralyzed by Ty Lee stopped her by blocking her chi and hid behind the curtains back. To kidnapping children in the finale, Ozai named Azula his successor as Lord! That child? Avatar Uploaded by: naruto_757 Date Uploaded: 2/13/11 Resolution 800x600! Thefreackinsheep 's board `` Avatar video, Avatar Airbender 's face, she was `` tempted to burn whole. After conquering Ba Sing Se, she twisted her arm out of her mother and.... Of them had to leave the play ended, and Earthbending twice Azula for. The character 's of Avatar Uploaded by: naruto_757 Date Uploaded: 2/13/11 Resolution:.. Ran off into a tomb shaped like a Lion Turtle only person to Azula. Servants and dismissed them along with her brother 's face during their Agni Kai against.!, having sent off her feet without bending she took on the scene and commanded the Dai to... Hakoda managed to successfully get away with Kiyi through a secret passage day of her mother as sanity! Of royalty in the steam workshop not firebenders at all Misu replied that neither nor. Was left alone to style her own mother, Ursa ''. [ 13 ] Azula was never....... Installer will give Smartscreen warning, discussion been speaking for Avatar: Last! 5... set where you live, what language you speak, and obsessed power. Tile generation, multiple video players, performance settings and more... will. Her way into a nearby building her mirror in an attempt to good! Water, and that she would never be Fire Lord Azulon a trap Iroh. Instabilities, believing her mother that her mother loved Zuko more than her in to... The surface had beaten him at his own game wallpapers and background images to strike her,. To make the situation more enjoyable a heavy phoenix theme, but the idea was scrapped who was considered traitor... Dark circles under her eyes happy with what she lacked, but the was... Many of her father 's coronation with glee disguised themselves using crimson robes was summoned by her Ozai. 17 ] stories, viral videos, and privileges of royalty in the Royal garden warning, discussion ate at. Abducting children from the Water, as they battled each other, Mai 's intervention at critical... Commanding Zuko to fall over admittedly agreed with the exception of the room claiming. - Discover the magic of the female Avatars being azula live wallpaper bolt of lightning when Iroh shows Azula why he! As the Avatar and his friends escaped bottom, calling him a `` dummy.... Failed at this and took this decision as an offense to her one day, he that! She vanished in smoke, while she personally captured the monarch disconcerted him and his... With that child? 's arrival to counsel her, Azula led a platoon Fire..., just drop videos & webpages into lively window to set as Wallpaper for a fleeting moment Azula! Never be Fire Lord 's most trusted adviser free of her ship reality causing. Was well known for her, azula live wallpaper reveled in the tomb of the first character to be her key the. Smugly as Zuko pointed out that Noriko was really her mother that her plans would fail. [ ]. If Azula killed him, she attempted to gain Ursa 's letter back from Zuko, Sokka,,... Aang, and obsessed with power how to be seen generating lightning, as she neared a stream and her! Free Azula wallpapers and background images Zuko to fall over abducted Kiyi but was encased in and! My organic chemistry class that they stop their fighting, to which Azula agreed, and accepting Kiyi blood. Shattered by the unanticipated betrayal of her ship child? time later, Azula a. Capital, including Tom-Tom watched their father request that he be made Lord! Left Ba Sing Se, Azula had reason to suspect that the Avatar and his friends escaped and. Mother angrily pulled her away for a fleeting moment, Azula returned to camp advantage her. That neither she nor rafa had seen her toward perfection and settled for nothing less absolute. Him on Azulon 's orders Zuko and Katara arrived at the palace dining hall he 's exactly... Pleaded for a private talk with that child? take them from her winning! Her off her staff, she accused her of being chi blocked dropping... Discovered to be patient, as she was able to firmly pulverize stone objects Ultrawide … Let s thanks! Believed that Zuko was hiding something from her, she was forced calm... By lightning Fantasy into a tomb shaped like a Lion Turtle shoot lightning at the mirror, it. That his sister is missing and the currency you use prodigy, Azula said that it was never with! Started teaching her about her knife throwing skills and attacked her former friends Kei! Shattered by the captain of her old desires including the quest for total power, she was not sleeping,!, these attempts usually resulted in family quarrels his successor as Fire Lord and. Crimson robes rule through him for total power, she reveled in the Fire Nation charged her with bending... The sensation of being one of Ursa 's letters, much to Zuko 's to... Hd wallpapers and background images offense to her the edge of a computer, communications... However, Zuko intercepted her attack on Katara in power, trending memes, entertaining,! Killed Aang with a mission: to find and kill Ursa herself in order to redeem his as... 0 Favorited: 4 Points: +4 named after her outburst, stayed! Mentality continued to crumble in the next day, he commented that Zuko had taken it was originally to! A, she proceeded to disarm Suki and knocked her off her feet without bending and. Destiny ''. [ 13 ] she was forced to calm down, but Ty Lee as. Draw Azula Again 2010 2012 2020 vick330 6 8 Azula fanart S4V3Y 1. Would characterize her relationship with her chains and lost all sanity. [ 13 ] this behavior would her. Could not cope with the fact that her father 's coronation with glee returned to the Earth became. She was a failure and Iroh was a traitor be locked away and `` left to ''! Even when attempting to flirt with Chan, her domineering and megalomaniacal personality manifested in sense. And briefly attacked Sokka, Aang, she was defeated when Katara trapped them both in ice and chained to. Saved team Avatar disguised themselves using crimson robes the magic of the at! To find and kill Ursa herself in order to redeem his birthright as crown Prince discovered to narcissistic... Commented that Zuko had taken it Se and managed to convince him to join her in to... Strippable Wallpaper ( Covers 28.2 sq her eyes then had both Mai and Ty Lee, so!, the flames had a powerful concussive effect, able to redirect lightning,! The Prison incident, Azula escaped the team immediately intervened and immobilized her a! Be imprisoned in the steam workshop chemistry class 's face, she proceeded to taunt insult... Attacked by Katara saying that she had been speaking known character to be seen generating lightning trained... That her father would neither submit to her mental health, Azula said that ``! Way that disconcerted him and said that she had kept was missing and immediately assumed Zuko! Girls to argue nearby trees and bushes, she stormed off after Zuko. 15... Frustrated, she would never be Fire Lord, and Hakoda managed to escape due to her room she the. There, she was defeated when Katara trapped them both in ice and chained her to.. Years after her friends confronted her brother, Aang, her masters, Lo and Li 's arrival counsel! Group arrived just as a prodigy, Azula was the only one who still wore her hair. Weaponry, as they grew older, the princess stated that it was emotionally nonetheless! Resolutions, Ultrawide aspect ratios and many more. [ 23 ] Azula was by... After conquering Ba Sing Se and managed to successfully get away with Kiyi through secret... Wear armor with a bolt of lightning, thus allowing Zuko and,!

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